Cutting dies and rotary for plaster machine and diapers.





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Italian Industrial factory. Cutting dies, rotary cutting dies modules and embossing group producer.



A diaper (in North America) or nappy (in the United Kingdom, Australia, many Commonwealth countries and Ireland) is a sponge-like garment which people wear who are incapable of controlling their bladder or bowel movements, or are unable or unwilling to use a toilet. When become full and can no longer hold any more waste, they require changing; this process is often performed by a secondary person such as a parent or caregiver. Failure to change on a regular enough basis can result in a rash. This strument have been worn throughout human history, and made of cloth or disposable materials. Whereas cloth diapers are composed of layers of fabric such as terry towelling and can be washed and reused multiple times, disposable diapers contain absorbent chemicals and are thrown away after use. Plastic pants can be worn over to avoid leaks. (wikipedia extract)

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